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Hartleap is an imposing, historic farmhouse situated only half a kilometre from the western entance to the town of York. It was originally owned by William and Jane Edwards who bought the land in 1852 and began to build an extensive assortment of out buildings to service their large farm, family workers and to supply goods to the Edwards Store (now the local IGA).

The three cottages are all original buildings, which have been used in various capacities in the long history of the property. Hartleap Cottages offers a unique and tranqil experience, so you can relax and enjoy the historic surrounds with modern comforts.

BBQ facilities are available and there is plenty of space for children to run around. Guests are free to pat the horses and take a walk up the hill behind the barn for a beautiful view of the town. Easy walking distance to the town. There are horses on the property - no pets allowed.

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